Forlorn Love — Lady in Purple



Part 3 of a 7 part series of my own adaptation of 'For Coloured Girls' originally written in 1975....

I walk into the meeting today and I take a seat in my usual spot.

I hear them whisper “She’s here. The Lady in Purple is here”.

“Does anyone have anything to share today?”

I stand up and walk to the podium ignoring the surprised stares and I start to read.

For eighteen years I have loved

You, I have adored

Every whip,every lash I ignored

After 24hours, a smile I carry – your award

For eighteen years I have lost

My life became yours at no cost

All my emotions you tossed

You say, “I have no right to be cross”

For eighteen years I have grieved


In silence I peeved

Thoughts of dreams yet unachieved

For eighteen years I have hoped

In a static state I’ve moped

Struggling not to get your ego poked

Or having my human rights yet again revoked

For eighteen years I have planned

With my every strength, my every gland

My scheme, so grand

All it takes is a stab with my hand

“Did you do it?” they all ask. “Tell us please”

I flip the page and continue reading

I stood as he bled

His mouth began to spread

And he whispered ‘save me please’

Then I remembered

When I too begged to be saved

I remembered

Every mean word said

“You’re worthless”

“You’re stupid”

“You have no where to run”

“You have no where to hide”

I stood as he bled

Then I remembered

For eighteen years

I have loved

For eighteen years

I have lost

Today, I reclaim myself

Today, I set myself free

His whimpers still linger

“You cannot leave” he shouts

On my face a huge smirk

“I have won”

“I have won”

My love you took

And made forlorn

Denting my body with every left hook

Today I declare myself reborn

My walk – tall

Every stride, filled with power

Defying what you pre destined me to be

I am the Lady in Purple


The women from the group all gather round. Hugging me from every corner. This is what makes us stronger – for our stories are similar, our pain the same, our victories – one!

We are the ones who dared to leave!!!



Originally published on my blog here

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