Collage of my life



Watch me live, it's better than reality tv 27/4/16

I remember that New Year

on a rooftop in Newtown

and I wondered about you.


Where were you 

when you weren't in my heart?


From the hang-glider's launch pad

in Mount Kiera,

looking out over Wollongong and out to sea.

So many homes and lives

in the shadow of the mountain 

beneath me,

I felt omnipotent. 

But I could not find you down there,

I could not pick you out from all the other ants

scurrying around

living their unpoetic lives. 


...and then there was the South Island

and Nisha and I were driving a rental

on a highway that I can't remember 

but we were alone

and I felt wild and rugged 

like an explorer

and the country was mine

and I owned the road. 


All the stories I never told you

are welling up inside me

and begging, clamouring to be released,

like a flock of geese at a gate,

they are noisy and eager

and milling. 

Each one is set on freedom,

each one is its own life,

a remnant of who I was,

an inkling of who I have become. 


And you, you sit there with your Queen's eyes

just dying to dive into my past

and morph into a story

that I will tell with passion 

to nobody who will listen

and any ear that will hear it

and no heart will understand it. 

Yet you will be there sitting in my heart,

watching my life with your regal stare,

using my eyes as windows. 


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