Something awful this way comes



A dream about naked things.

Just a dream
I tell myself

One where you had fresh flowers for eyes
And lay naked in a field that was shaped like a bowl
They used it as an amphitheater
The demons that haunt my dreams

Under wilted trees
Upon dry grass
We danced and watched a man fight for his life
He beat another man senseless while I took pictures
Of things old and new
And the stars came out
Instead of twinkling

They ate the night sky
With ravenous, gaping mouths
And we communed over your body
While I moved through the crowd
And their mouths moved like machines
Opening and closing

Saying nothing
Because nothing needs to be said
This story plays out on autopilot
There is no script

The book’s cover remains closed
If you opened it the pages would all be blank
Why are we here?
Scream the words
While wondering where they are
Unconfined by the book
Written nowhere
They long for life

Smoothly ground glass
Brings the image into focus
A fault line runs through this reality
The ground here is more alive than I am

Waiting to open and swallow me whole
So I hold you tightly
And wonder what it all means
Just a dream I tell myself

Come back home to me
Breathe and live, pour your story across the pages 
Keep me away
From the mouth of madness
That cave is too dark and terrible to explore

When I awaken
And you are not here
To hold
It’s harder to fight the waves trying to push me under

She had fresh flowers for eyes
And I was terrified
Please hold my hand
The wind is blowing dust into my eyes
And I don’t want to be blind all alone


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