“She gave to all she encountered love, just like one of her own”.


“She gave to all she encountered love, just like one of her own”.

Dedicated:  Princess G. B. Bayode (Nee Ogunoye)




The forgotten moon, promised to forever shine,

Where goest with thine receding crescent lamp,

Needed is your trail to strike through the day,

When we meet up again at the eternal foot hills.


Like an arched eyebrow you travel this path alone,

Fugitive from the loving care, you so freely gave,

Princess, you lay awake this night, as we mourn your passing,

For your departure leaves us, sack clothes and tears.


Didn’t you gather us to yourself; budding stars in the galaxies?

You depart with our thundering, quaking and rattling,

For those who have been nurtured in your kindness hail you,

Would you ever look back, and beam on us again?


In your royal quiver were always life arrows of meditations,

You never hesitated to pray, declare and hope for us all,

As you ascend celestial mountains we haven’t reached,

Remember; you have done remarkable good here on earth.


True; someday we shall meet again at the pearly gates,

But today, we shed tears of joy for your saintly ascent,

Your path has stirred in us, new beginnings of harmony,

Princess; the quintessential mother; every star wished they had!


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