Not meant to be



This poem is based on a relationship that wasn't meant to be. It is based on a short poem I wrote not long ago and I have used a quote to help me write it. A couple who are bad for one another but not good for anyone else.

My heart melted away the tension that it had devoured,

The signs only lead us to the wrong direction we were meant to be heading.

We won't ever be in heartbreak because we are bad for one another,

We only are not good for anyone else.


The skies tore a hole that ripped are bodies motionless,

To see the weakness and pain we swallowed.

Why were we ever together?


Everyone shouted no but yet we ignored what the others had to say,

But we only truly known we were bad together.

The aches I feel is saying we made the wrong decision.


We choose to climb the mountain but only to fall back down again,

We could never be and we could never be for anyone else.


Why did we play a tug of war?

Why did we place each other in this love game?


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