Federal Law- Illegal to dispose of Food



At the end of the evening around closing time of business your favorite local restaurant can leave a high amount of unsold food to disposal. This is perfectly cooked food that everyday citizens will eat and over pay for mainly out of convenience and choice. Now imagine all the restaurants in the U.S disposal of food for the same reason and how many tons it could add up to in a mere week.

It should be Illegal to waste or dispose food as it is Illegal to waste and dispose motor oil or hazardous material. The matter of which businesses and events take shall be as delivering to an organized shelter or food bank non profit organization which in turn will distribute it to the homeless and those in need.

Big business will argue and campaign against this law stating that their businesses would have substantial losses due the decrease of demand for dining and such as the public will not seek these services if they can receive free food instead. 

My question is, could this even be considered a law in this country? Why would we waste food and water when so many people go hungry right before our eyes everyday? Could we create a system to allow those in need only this access to the wasted food? Think about it.

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