She Moves in Splendor



She doesn't walk; she glides

She doesn't walk
She glides
Stops, turns
Crawls over my leg
Hops, stalks over to the nightstand
Leaps to the dresser, explores
Finds she can't spring back to the nightstand
Or jump down to the floor

I rescue her, deposit her on the bed
She jumps down to the bench
And hops down to the floor
Tail wagging, ears flapping
Her whole body crosses the doorway

Then she's over at my pile, searching for toys
She finds a good one
An old pincushion with the pins removed
She arches her body in the air
Bats the pincushion from one side to the other
She hovers! Leaps! Spins!
Stands on her hind legs!
Eventually tires of this activity
And lies on the floor close to me

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