Fear 😱



Moving from the level of fear to the realms of boldness.

Fear is the greatest obstacle to success. Once our fears are not overcome, we can never be successful in the task or course we wish to pursue.

The moment our fears are overcome and are therefore put under control,  then and there only will we have that boldness and confidence to do what we want to do. 

When our fears are overcome, we have that assurance that we are not going to fail to become unsuccessful but instead, we are going to strive to survive and endure all forms of obstacles that might come our way no matter how big and strong it might seem to be. 

What then is fear? Fear is a very unpleasant or disturbing feeling caused by the presence or imminence of danger. Or a feeling or condition of being afraid. 

The fear of us failing in our task made most of us not to tackle any difficult subject. 

Most of us tend to put our attention and concentration on the problems and heartaches the task we want to to pursue might bring us. Not keeping the most important thoughts into consideration. 

We must try as much as possible to pinpoint the advantage side of the task rather than its negative side. For this will motivate us into doing the impossible. 

The moment  we begin to give more attention and concentration to the risk aspect of the course we wish to pursue, the more discouraged we might be, thereby neglecting our aims and aspirations in life. 

When we fail to meet our aims or accomplish our goals in life, though we might find ourselves in different work sectors, but our very best will not be discovered and utilized by the whole world. 

But if our set objectives are met and our goals are accomplished, we tend to do what we want to do best with all of our abilities, skills and passion. We then tend to do our work whole heartedly without anyone putting pressure on us. 






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