Poem inspired by a documentary about whales and dolphins called Ocean Giants on B.B.C. Four television.



I am whale.
Scientists study my song,
how I fish for herring.
Sure as the waves flow,
my language they cannot know,
they will never know me.
I am big,
need an ocean to house me.
Gulls follow my hunt for the fish shoals.
Over the hump of my head, they cry.
I will always swim these waters.
Unlike humans,
I do not know I must die.
Some humans still hunt me with the harpoon,
others make laws to preserve me.
We could never pipe the same tune.
Even with their own kind,
they are out of harmony.
I am huge,
tower in a sudden,
splash down on the surface,
plunge back to my swim path.
Sky is vast,
flight way for birds,
the winged fishers.
From the air they drop.
On the small finned darters, they feed.



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