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7/6/2017 A few pieces about pain and darkness and expression; Voices in the dark, Salt and Vampire

Voices in the dark


Here are these old friends,

these stalwarts of my mind.

My stifled consciousness,

my lack of tongue,

all this 'me' trapped inside,

strapped and locked down

staring out from behind my eyes

like a rabid lunatic...


Blah, blah, blah...


I swat all these yammering voices away,

like flies.


This is my piece of quiet.


I lay here in the dark,

while the rain pelts down on terracotta,

pinging musically on my chimney

and my boys and wife sleep,

like angels

as I guard them.


Thus my silence rules.


The ticking clock,

the heartbeat of my home,

my softly stabbing fingers,

each stealthily fighting to be the loudest sound

in my midnight refuge,

this cherished quiet is all mine.





There is salt,

here where your lips belong,

there, where mine long to linger.

This salt not for wounds,

nor scars, 

nor broken bones.

This salt made of me,

made of you,

made from them...

I do not wish to see it mar your perfect skin,

yet, somehow, sometimes, it fits...

There is a time and a place

for your salt,

for mine.

Paradoxically, in light of these thoughts,

betimes I have begged for it

from and for you.

This salt, my salt,

I call you, I demand you here and now,

to lay waste to my pristine cheeks,

so no smiles may ever grow here.

Salt these fields and make them barren.

I pray for it 

to blight and make ashen my repentant face.





Words of power sear their way out of your heart.

A thinker are you,

slow and long,

quick as a knife between these ribs.


...not here, nor now

while my babes sleep,

nestled in each other's arms...


I banish you into the darkness,

I curse your name and your crumbling home,

though perspectives shift and twist

and, to some eyes,

it may seem like I was the one discarded...


I fade away from here,

as a wraith or apparition

into the night I merge,

my own black soul indistinguishable 

from the cold, still atmosphere.


My eyes close,

my arms cross on my chest

and I fall...

into my eternal peace,

a mere flicker of blood on my lips.




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