Don't Look Down



something standing at the foot of the stairs

A grown man should not have these fears

A shameful situation

Truly embarrassing

At least they are secretive

My ignominy going no further

Caged inside my head

Even so, I cringe at my cowardice

The silliness of it all


Night after night

During the witching hour

I wake from my slumber

Heart pounding, body rigid with fear

Thoughts suddenly fiendish

About something in the house

Standing at the foot of the stairs


I'm unable to get up

Unable to open the bedroom door

Unable to tiptoe down the hallway

Unable to peer down the staircase

Just in case

I see something standing at the foot of the stairs


I must confront my fears

And put an end to this nonsense

Tonight I will muster up enough courage

And challenge this ridiculous concept

That something is standing at the foot of the stairs


I go to bed and fall asleep

Only to wake with a start

During the witching hour

Heart pounding, body stiff with fear

Room saturated in darkness

Thoughts suddenly fiendish

About something in the house

Standing at the foot of the stairs


Now is the moment

To banish this childish farce

Once and for all

I rise from my bed

Open the bedroom door

And tiptoe down the hallway

To the top of the staircase


Don't look down!

Don't look down!

There's something standing at the foot of the stairs!

I take a deep breath

Remind myself that I am a grown man

And prepare to look down the staircase


The moment is nigh

I brace myself

Darkness plies me with dread

Fight this fear!

Do it now!



I look down into the murky depths

And see them instantly

Two faces looking up

A young couple

Eyes wide

Startled expressions


I'm frozen like a statue

My heart must surely stop

Who are these people?

Invaders of my home

Do they mean me harm?


They talk

Whispering voices

'I heard something,' he says

'Me too,' she says

'I think the stories are true,' he says

'What are we going to do?' she says



What stories?

I'm so confused

Confused and scared

I want to hide


'His ghost haunts this house,' he says

'So that's why the house was so cheap,' she says

'He took his own life,' he says

'In the bedroom upstairs,' she says

'We should sell up,' he says

'Yes, we must,' she says


I stand in silence

Submersed in horror


Their words fluttering all around me

Causing fiendish thoughts

Thoughts with traces of familiarity


Then, like a sudden flash of lightning

It all comes back to me

My darkest hours

The seclusion

The utter loneliness

The dark, unshakable depression


The bottle of sleeping pills

Swallowed entirely

As I lay on my bed

Waiting for the end of days


There is something in this house

My forlorn spirit

I walk back to my room

Passing through the door

As if, it is not there

I lie on my bed

And fall into a deep sleep






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