The Destination of our Generation



The destination,Of our generation?Hell... Why?Well,I once heard,"Those who commit suicide,Go to hell",Am I,Implying that we all will commit suicide?Well not all,Maybe not even half,Or a quarter,Definitely a tenth though... How do I know?Well think ...

The destination,
Of our generation?

I once heard,
"Those who commit suicide,
Go to hell",
Am I,
Implying that we all will commit suicide?
Well not all,
Maybe not even half,
Or a quarter,
Definitely a tenth though...

How do I know?
Well think about it?
When was the last time you asked,
"But are you in your feelings though?"

I don't get it,
Like when some shit,
Happens that I don't like,
No matter if it's little to you,
What do you want me to do?
Bottle it?
Bottle my feelings?
Just keep bottling,
And bottling,
And bottling,
And bottling,
And bottling,
And bottling,
And bottling,
And bottling,
Until I explode,
Well in today's society,
I'm more likely to implode,
As I unbottle a bottle of prescription,
Loading them up on the inside,
With never hearing the words
"Why you in your feelings or
Are you mad though?" being the mission...

Most of you probably just think I'm
In my feelings now...

I guess that's the 9/10s of our,
Generation that put
Expressing one's feelings,

While the other tenth,
Feel nothing now,
Just waiting on their moment
To be chosen,
To be,
In the ground...

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