This Little Pocket of Earth



Because sometimes the little piece of the world you live in, isn't so bad afterall...



Life, through my eyes,

Has always been a wonderland,

Dark twists and turns 

And me reaching for a hand.

Growing wiser and shrinking dumber,

With lots of questions and confusions;

Riddles riddling, rhymes-a-rhyming,

Many mirrors of illusion.

Somehow I've found a clear path,

A new way to get through,

It is easy, bright and beautiful,

This path that leads to you.

I find myself in a new world.

Where life is a simpler, warmer thing;

Cats don't speak, cards don't talk,

And the flutter-by flowers don't sing. 


But the magic! Well, that still exists,

The magic is very much alive;

It's in that smile that fills me with excitement,

It's in that sparkle in your eyes.

You see through my whirlwind wonderland days,

You see past fake smiles and masks,

You see me, the real "here-in-the-real-world-me",

And I'm so glad I've returned at last.

I like this one better than other-world me,

And I've found a place I could never dream of,

This tiny piece of the world I would escape from, 

Now greets me with peace and with love.

I will never understand how we got here,

To this place of purest beauty;

But here, with you, in this little pocket of Earth, 

Is the only place I will ever want to be.


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