In the interest of sanity




On the verge of goodbye...


More than a year

since I have seen the homeland,

the heartland, the promised land,

the place of hope, the resting ground...


I am letting go.


Kissing it goodbye

deep within my soul,

peace is given,

gentle sadness overflows the farewell.


I have let go.


The anchor has been left

at the bottom of the ocean

marking the place where I waited for you.

The rope is cut, clean...

the dog-end dangles and dances in the past,

in places where I've been,

never to return.


I have let go.


Dreams gentle caress the memory

of the hope of the love of a dream

of you.

Dreams warmly release tears

in the release of the hope of the love

of the dream of the love in you.

Dreams kiss your cheek,

run their palm down your face

over your eyelids and your lips,

it is Reality that turns me away.


I give you my back.


The mother, my love,

sadly frees the child from her embrace

and leaves you standing there

as I walk away,

not looking back.

The mother, my love,

weepingly frees you from her embrace

and stands there watching

achingly, bracingly as the child,


slowly wanders

into a future I cannot see.


You are free.


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