When one truly loves for the first time with a raw, deep passion and it goes wrong. Baring ones soul without guards or walls erected for it to be stampeded upon can feel like an abyss of never ending emotions. * Warning ~ explicit language*

Plummeting deeper into a darkness

A place I have never ventured before

Somebody turn the light back on

Which cunt slammed and locked the door?


I have no choice but to reach out

And grab aimlessly at the darkness ahead

Feeling for sides of a wall to guide me

But there is nothing only the sound of breath


The breath of my heart pounding

A breath so deep and unsure

My breath with pressure around my throat

Fucking cunt open that god damned door


Shoulders back and chin thrust forth

Have to keep trudging ahead

Hesitating, pausing, God i loathe those traits

A fear, my fear does not belong in my fate


I resent this new hesitancy about me

I despise more the fact it’s been dealt

No more can I pray for guidance

Fuck me where in the hell now is that door.

© Kartanya Martinez

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