The City



Poem/lyrics depicting modern cities and their inhabitants.

The streets are paved and glazed with waves of footsteps trodden and those yet to be made, 

In a darkness that sparkles it really can't harm to stop and look at what's rushed past in a daze. 

There's natural creation, the soul's emancipation, man's elusions, love and beauty's delusions,

There's beautiful people permitting terrible sanctions and terrible people committing beautiful actions.


The city is so beautiful tonight, 

The city is bright and beautiful tonight,

Shining through the winds of sin tonight,

The city lights shine.


The art it starts when you open your eyes, the fire it burns, the passion won't die,

From tattooed bodies to tattooed hearts, we're all a blank canvas, all works of art,

But just like the city you can see on the surface, killers, thieves, muggers one and the same,

But behind the mask, shines injustice, saviours, heroes, lovers who you simply can't blame. 


The people are so beautiful tonight,

The people light the city tonight,

The people are the city tonight,

The people made it.

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