Two Sides



Because there always are two sides...



He walked into her heart

And like a dream come true

He swept her away,

Covering her with kisses

And giving her the world.

He wove and worshipped 

The ground she walked on.

He provided for her dreams 

And kept her strong.

He charmed and he smiled 

And the world knew

They were picture perfection.

He had not a care in the world,

Heard only praise 

Of the life he created.

He remains bewildered

As to what went wrong

In his old life.

He started to listen

When she said she'd leave,

That she needed him to change.

And he though he had listened.

But she left.

What went wrong?


She walked out the door

And like a nightmare come true

She ran for her life,

Smothered with sobbing

And leaving his world. 

She was hurt and hated 

The path she had chosen.

She had forgotten to dream

And it made her weak.

She hid her anger

And no one would know

They were unsteady and unstable.

She carried the world on her back

While he wouldn't listen,

Despite the issues he needed to face.

She became empowered 

As she made things right,

Thinking of her new life.

She stopped talking

When he knew she'd leave.

She knew he could never change

And would never listen. 

But she stayed.

What went wrong? 

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