Thanks in a Fruitful Red



This piece was written to thank the good people who have retweeted my earlier post. I figure the best thanks is a deeper dedication to the craft, and I chose to thank you all in Red.

Red is the color of roses,

poets love to capture not define.


Red is never the color of eyes,

forcing observers to instead find nature's eyes.



Red is forever the full stop

only to first-world rules.



And Red is the most tomato:

the strength to move a mountain.



Red is one-third the history and making

of the country that was dreamed into being.



And red the color of supernovae 

are where mysteries so easily keep:

for something to burn that bright

there are reasons for such brightness to reach.


One beam of that light that reaches

appears in the form of a man who preaches

the dream of never, ever another

dry, pink-parched lip

...turning blue.


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