These eyes



This is a tribute to all young women who are trafficked around the world. It was inspired by a harrowing documentary by Ross Kemp who investigated girl trafficking in India. A bleak world without hope!!

See these eyes...
They were once young
Saw happiness and love
Where I belonged.
They were filled
With dreams and hope
Thought I'd be wed to a kind boy
And our hearts be filled with songs.

So came a boy from town
And fooled me away
To show me the bright lights
Didn't know I'd be enslaved.
Subjugated day and night
by the whims of men
It starts when money is exchanged
My body is mine no more
Sold to the highest bidder
I just conform
Refusal means broken bones.

No returning home
Where I'd be shunned
Such cruel destiny
Being foolish was my only fault.
I wonder at times,
If it was still golden at sunset
Corners of this decrepit room;
what I see in its stead.
Can you still hear crickets in the dark
The only creaking I hear
Is this bed of doom
When I am being hurt.

These eyes...
Sees no hope
They shed tears no more
They will never be adored
as my father did before.
Would he look at me the same
Or just be ashamed
I would risk his disappointment
Just to see him again.

These eyes...
Only sees wolves
They enter my room in droves.
And leave behind a fractured soul.

They say; there's no help
For the ones who enter hell
They didn't say hell is here on earth
Death is the only escape.




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