Half and half again...



/ poetry


I miss the way we never got to hold hands.

I miss not getting to love your special people

and you not knowing mine.

I miss that we never got to share a meal

Or cook for each other.

I miss making you smile

despite yourself.

I miss your insights.

I miss knowing you would understand.

I miss breaking through your defences 

as easy as breathing.

I miss your rage and your tantrums.

I miss that our children don't know each other.

I miss alpha.

I miss you loving my best friend through me.

I miss the laughs we never shared.

I miss our music

and our love of food.

I miss your stupid face.

I miss hearing you loving your people.

I miss your jealousy and your understanding.

I miss the reciprocity.

I even miss the ups and downs. 


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