Under the Silvery Moon



spirit of hope

Dancing under the silvery moon

With the grace of an unperturbed spirit

White dress flowing, snow owl plumage

Raven locks cascading past lithe shoulders

Sapphire eyes illuminating the night

Blossoming flower, soul most pure

Skin so fair, porcelain sheen

Unblemished, supple, powder soft

Touching the frontier of abiding love

Are you the rapture controlling my desires?

The dark-defying glow that spits out the shadows

Fending off the crux of misery

Chosen to amend my life

An angel sent down from Eden's golden path

Your voice carries, caressing my heart

Desecrating my undesirable afflictions

Tearing down brick and mortar

An end to this physical farce

Your movement ripples in the air

Scents of paradise drifting

Sweet cherry, fresh strawberry, crisp pine

Disregarding the reek of human pollution

Washing away the reek of my ills

Please be real!

Please be true!

I quell my thoughts

Take a deep breath

And open my eyes

Stillness exists under the silvery moon

My angel is nowhere to be seen

Melancholy pounds against my heart

Alas, it was only a dream

How cruel this world seems

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