Lay With Me



/ love/ sex

Sexual obsession

lay with me

we talked all night and slept all day

now we are entwined our bodies one

your muscular frame, a hedge of strength

en rapt in your arms I feel no danger.

Lay with me 

we don't have to touch

the sight and smell of you is like opium

I am an addict

your sex vibrates into my soul

your mouth against mine

your chest, your loins

I shudder with exultation

like a worshipper at the alter of you

Lay with me

let the night pass us by 

let nothing exist beyond this room

this bed

my ache is torment

I feel I am the dam that will burst at any time

your body the water pushing deeply against me, inside me

I want to feel that rapture

I want you to lay with me forever.


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