The thought of U!



Fantasy Love, does she exist???

The thought of U!

Close my eyes and i see
The vision of you, your beauty
In my dreams is where i see you
But, only for awhile
Where my mind wanders to a smile

The thought of U
Is all i need
To dream of U makes me believe
I will find U one day
My life's wish
And we will share
That perfect kiss

When sadness is in the air
I have no care
For i know U are out there

U seek me as i do U
In our fantasy minds
We know
Someday to find

Love so deep
Known by no other
My sweet, my girl, my lover

And i close my brown eyes again
My dream says our time is now to begin
My search for U has run long
My love for U has grown strong

What if our time on earth never existed
In a world lost and twisted
Matters not any more
Cuz in this heaven
I now see what it is I live for

Now i find u here my love
Here in heaven, high above
The thought of you,
Finally real, finally true!

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