Phlex Sphincter's Perspective on Pulp Politics



...makes me want to go wallow in a mud hole.


 Crab crap in chalky chowder with cheap chunks o' chum!

Am I Plasticrat or Talklouder? I weep until I'm numb...

While Cretinocrats and Repugnantkins scrum to elect their bum,

do I vote Sidewinder or Blindminder when both have butt grips on a thumb?


 The arithmetic in these politics is a scurrilously curious thing.

A pathetic pandemic of mythmystic polemic is the jewel in the hypnotists ring.

Clowns on mules and pachyderms with the hyperbole they bring.

Now schools?! You fools with backs like worms, then words of war you sling?!?!


 I'm a poor, pathetic, patriot, perturbed, perplexed and miffed.

I took a bath in idiot to learn which facts to sift.

Although there's those, they say we chose, who have that "certain gift"

history shows we average Schmoes will get "the short shrift drift".

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There's more where that came from!