It can rain, I miss you so much!


It can pour it down

Yet there surely is no frown

Your love is my crown

I miss you so much

I miss your loving touch

This and these moments

Are a scarcity

The rain can keep running down

Just like my tears

Running, running

Streaming, streaming

Till I’m with you

Till you are with me

I’m so sorry for the angry words

Words that I cannot take back!

Words that have hurt you!

Words that had you running away

Now I am living with regrets

Regrets that keep running and running

Through this mind of mine

Memories, memories

Running, running through my head

Now you belong to someone else instead

Time for me to try and keep moving on

On and on

Through this roller coaster ride

That has ripped through this heart of mine

Oh those angry words

Words that have torn our worlds apart

The shame, shame

The blame, blame

Is all my own doing

Now it is your own right

To have walked away

Be with another lover everyday

Here is hoping it will be fortuitous

  And here sit hiding my loneliness


Oh we only have one life!

And oh what a life

Oh boy I shall strive

And learn from my biggest mistake ever!

Forever, forever

When I wake in the morning

It’ll all be forgotten

Forget the past

Forget the words

Remembering the happier moments

The rainy, sunny days 

With the greatest of pleasures

I know this heart will go on and on

Oh boy I shall remember our moments

Of bliss, bliss

Joy, joy

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

21st May 2016

All Rights Reserved


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