From A Beautiful Rose Garden



"From a beautiful rose garden" is a short piece of writing that places much value on the concept of love. It talks about the Songs of Solomon Choir, in other words, called the Love Choir. This Choir, in their beautiful song, administers to the world the significant of creating an atmosphere of love.

From a beautiful rose garden,

emanates lovely voices from

the love Choir; Songs of Solomon Choir.

Singing "With much love from our 

gentle souls, we grace your day.

With great gusto, conviction and sincerity,

we sing our hearts out to rhyme your wish

to experience a wonderful and pleasant day.

Hear you not sounds of terror and tears,

hear you the sound of the wind that blows with love.

With our lovely voices, we are singing

to fill the earth with love,

to quench the feelings of sadness,

rancor, distress, depression and despair.

Love is the most precious gift to mankind.

Start your day with love and

end your day with love."


Henry Uche










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