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How grime looks when you swallow a dictionary, and don't swear


I'm not going to act like a g,
Just make sum, p to the e,
Don't smoke, no o to the z,
Got friends, no need for the heat,
No problems, no beef in the streets,
Just rythem, and beats for the peeps,
Everybody skank, just bounce to the beat,
Nobody shankin, positivity,
I'm a vision of positivity,
I got a vision and visibility,
You must have a disability,
I'm sure, your gullibility,
Has you thinking you got invincibility,
All you have is importancey,

No manageability, your a liability with infidelity,

I'm stability, predictability say's you've no plausibility, 

Your not Durex, no durability, 

Your,  infertility, no use ability,

I'm here,  immovability,
Your  brain's — so much, permeability,
You only think materialistically,
I spit bars simplistically,
yours are meant to b complex-,

Come out all whimsically,

Me an u no comparability,
I'm hot, hhhh, flammability,
I'm going to hot bend you, high fusibility,
I'm rigidity, you'r pliability,
My bars have readability,

Yours are sloppy, lubriciously,

Should sign them off with anonymity,
don’t come acting all ludicrously,
Leave, come back, bring humility,
Typically I like peace and tranquility,
Known round town for my equability,
But getting rid of you isn't impossibility,
Principally, you got maneuverability,
I'll move out of here, so don’t ya get rude to me,

Don’t know, your own, vulnerability,

For this game you've no suitability,
Your disease,  no curability,
Your bars- edibility, there just plain silly,

Lack desirability, spitting dumb — like, ‘oh,i got a big willy’,
Your quotes, no quotability,
Boys, no reputability,
Take a page from my book, learn honer-ability,
Come back when u flow less egoistically, and more artistically,

You got bare insensibility,

Me intelligent ability,
spit bars, with notability,

admittedly distinctively, flow to a beat,

So your thinking unrealistically,
If you think you can take this ting from me,
Woah- I think I just swallowed a dictionary,
When I'm done — no memorability — of you,
To hide embarrassment, you'll disappear so mystically,
People will ask where you've gone — its a mystery


Global Scriggler.DomainModel.Publication.Visibility
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