Poem of destined lovers.

The dawn burst across the sky

Blazing ribbons of beauty I see

Dew upon the grass and trees

Softly the mist hangs in the air

Casting off the tendrils of the night

Birds from their nest take flight


I walk towards the rising sun

Gentle breeze against my skin

The smell of earth and nature

Filling my senses and lungs

Fingertips brush the tall grass

Hope filling my heart at last


The dew wet upon my feet

Flowers dance in the wind

Swaying to Earth’s heartbeat

The heavy fragrance of life

Beauty swells, a crescendo

Bursting forth from the light


Raising my face to the sky

All the pain I know now why

To you my path has taken me

You, my other half of soul

The ache of lifetimes merge

A dream you were, now to hold


In the distance I see your form

Time slows within my sight

I watch in awe as you move

Blurred within the light

I hear the Earth move and sigh

At last my love, you at my side


Together slowly we move

Each to the other, one path

In the light, no darkness to see

Time bends and sways before us

Culmination of all we’ve known

Reaping dreams our hearts have sown


Power and strength in your stride

Gentle steps on Earth I bide

In one space we slowly merge

You caress my face, and I your heart

We two, the same, fixed in time

Whispering one word together, “Mine”




                                                                   Pure Heart | Teruo Araya | Source

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