Just a little poem I wrote awhile back about the upcoming Summer season....enjoy!

"Summer's on its way again....
the sun, the fun, the thrills!

The beach will be full of bikini clad ladies,
and surfers with incredible skills!

The boardwalks will all be buzzing!
The students will be out of school.

The strand will be full of busty, hot lifeguards!
They know they're red hot, yet they act so damn cool!

The hot dog carts will be set up on the sidewalk,
with their delicious, mouth-watering treats!

And naturally more people requires more police -
who will be busy patrolling the local streets.

The fishermen will show up in huge numbers,
telling tall tales of the day's catch that got away!

All this activity, and so much more will continue,
until the setting sun surrenders the day.

Then comes the beautiful moonlight -
its beams will softly illuminate the shore.

And the incoming waves will lap at the sand,
while others will come in with a roar!

At night, my lover and I will wear our finest dresses,
and go out for a romantic candlelight dinner and wine.

And afterward we'll take a barefoot walk in the sand -
my arm around her waist, and hers around mine.

For now though, we must patiently wait,
until the last days of Spring have come to an end.

And when they do, you'll fine us at the beach!
And we hope to see you there too, my dear friend!"

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