My Divine Deja Vu



Where have I seen you before?

A familiar feeling reminiscent of a lost love

Hidden in the darkest of places

brightening the dimming lights of a shaded moon

Forever still in a framed abstract painting

Wishing the present was the past

Erasing memories of regret with joy

Binding time with parallel universes

Looking on to what we will become today

Watching our lives play out like a silent movie


Oh! What we would do to love young again!

In your eyes you have lived a life with me

A future filled with endless possibilities

Where the sun will only shine for you

The breeze will only warm your beautiful face

And the rain shall lotion your skin lavender soft

Let me be your earth

And surround you with all my love


Where have I seen you before?

Could it be you live in my dreams?

If so I shall close my eyes

And never awaken me

For I wish to stay with you there

Where we fantasize of running away

to a place

Where the sun never sets

Yet stars shine when you turn off the bedroom lights

Where waves forever crash

Yet the blue waters calmly rock you to sleep

And the sky forever blue

Only to dusk when you tire


Where have I seen you before?

Could it be we met in a past life?

If so may death come and take me back

Where I open my eyes in this old new world

and forget the obstacles that sit upon us now

I turn to see your angelic smile

The greatest of good mornings

Like an ancient Goddess

Announcing the arrival of the sun

Take me back

Open my eyes to this old new world

Where we are tragic lovers in a greek poem

Disobeying rules for each other’s warm embrace

Rebelling against the world for the taste of each other’s lips

The envy of the Gods

But favored by Aphrodite


Oh! What we would do to have today’s love yesterday

Let us keep forever tomorrow

Carry on our love in kindred souls

Where we will see each other again

A familiar feeling reminiscent of a lost love

My divine deja vu

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