Devil's Advocate?



Q. How do you crush the self-doubt that holds you back? A. Develop ideas and don't lose track!

What the fuck is Devil’s Advocate all about?
Why would I want to be anything else…?
It’s well and good to hold a position
But don’t be a living contradiction
The devil only chases expression itself
The only think worth advocating
Is the beacon of creation and discussion:
That’s not a permission
To hold self in remission!
The cold and intangible
Is stagnant isolation:
Inexplicable but predictable as a brick.

But going is good so I’ll be good and get going
That’s my grounding for now, towards mutual understanding.
Take an idea off the wall, bounce it around before a fall
That’s the complete development
of an elephant that stands pretty tall
In its place, replete
To be heard out for the herd about
Don’t fear it — trumpet
and engage in a better way
You can hold your own
Without the small groan
It’s all humble
To lay thinks out on a plane
So for fuck’s sake don’t grumble;
or be in pain;
or mumble
Belittling never got anyone any larger
Meet with what’s been met,
What’s best is never here yet!
You never know so little or so much
That its sharing cannot enrich and enlarge

So I’ll be Sensibility’s Advocate,
As such, to see with ability,
For any profound semblance of sense that may incense…
I’ll just explain gently it’s not nonsense!

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