Dear Diary



never give up

Dear Diary

How do you ride out the  chaos, the storm in the sky?

The terrible flagellation, embedded, caught in my eye

Pressing me down, an invisible weight, gobbling up my soul

Nothing seems normal, a vindictive reverie, opening an infinite hole

Despair, pain, suffering — things that torment my superficial life

Pitched into an inner dungeon, no key to flee, no light to soften the strife

I write down my woes, my innermost fears, words that pierce my heart

Depicting my confusion, punishing tales,  as endings fold back to the start


Dear Diary

I've lived without vice, harmed not a soul, yet I feel the world's hate

Afraid to go out, afraid to look up, afraid of a  bloodthirsty fate

I converse with myself, my only companion, morning, noon and night

My reflection stares back, a stranger, not knowing wrong from right

Irrational thoughts, spawned from within, a puppet with threadbare strings

Pounding my heart, crushing my skull, showing me all kinds of things

I keep on writing, an infernal journal, the creation of a mind gone bad

There is no  remedy, no magical cure, a fragile spirit, a dispirited nomad


Dear Diary

Time has no significance, an infinite flow, swirling in utter dismay

Meaningless rhythm, terminal confinement, just another pedestrian day

Thoughts are my enemy, a pain in my neck, a poisonous thorn in my side

I want to retreat, fall into the shadows, jump off this nightmarish ride

Cocooned and immobile, my bitter heart, stained with a pool of dark lies

Why torture myself, why hate myself so, is all of this real or merely a guise?

Where's the silver lining, the glimmer of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel?

All I see is a tornado, out of control, with me  spinning inside its deadly funnel


Dear Diary

I had a clear dream, burning brightly, offering the way of my fate

Now I know, now I understand, don't give up, it's never too late

Sod all your pills, altering my state, wilting my ability to feel

I challenge you Death, your big rusty scythe, as you wait for a premature steal

The fight comes from within, the resurgence of hope, never give up, never give in

I'll shrug off my woes, tear off my hide, resolve will make sure that I win

Thank you Dear Diary, my silent listener, taking stock of my plight

Writing things down, my darkest days, the door to victory is in sight




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