Self-Driving Cars



Beat poet Tony Caravan delivers the lyrics to his song via the telephone to a real garage band. The result is a raw performance of poignant in-your-face rock about the idiocy of self-driving cars. (BMI)

I see self-driving cars are coming out
I guess so people can text and drive
or update their status
What a waste of time...

It’s funny how they don’t see
that the natural evolution will be
back to mass transportation
So why squander the time in-between?

People have lost their humanity
There’s no empathy
The goal should be less work,
less driving and more living

You won’t find me in a
self-driving car
In fact, I’m gonna stay off the road
Don’t want to risk it all
on a sensor
no, no, no, no

Technology brought us a lot
But it’s taken away much more
Now people have forgotten
what it’s like to live
live their lives
Live — live their lives

There’s no going back
I guess we’re headin’ for the singularity
The merging of man and machine

The ancients used technology
The natural kind that is
Understanding how the planet works
without needing a machine

I’m no Luddite, against progress
I’m just sayin’ if ain’t making
us better people, then
it should be a low priority.

First I’d like to see an end to war
then a focus on feeding the poor
We need to heal the sick
and eliminate the stress of debt

Most problems in this world
are because of money and materialism
People have forgotten how to
enjoy life and be truly happy

Yeah, let them make their self-driving cars
Just keep ‘em away from me
I just wanna hang in my yard
with the garden, the sun and the stars


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