An eye for an eye only leaves us bloody & blind. Violence is senseless, but then so is the world. If 'Revolution,' truly means CHANGE... then all means... CHANGE is needed... & CHANGE HAS TO COME!

My name is nobody.
It matters not
That I am
A human being...  with
A heartbeat & goals & dreams & people
Who love me.
It matters not  that I
Bleed Red... that I cry in crippled
Water... that my tears fall clear and salty. 
As southern rivers...
My name is nobody.
I am an afterthought protest,
A chalk mark on a wet city street.
I am a fresh blood stain on
A sidewalk. I am a concrete
Ghost.  I am
A short crawl emblazoned across a
CNN screen.  I am a
Chant of "No Justice!
                No peace!"
I am never more. I am
In the past tense.  I am
Love notes and teddy bears
In a makeshift memorial.  I am
Flowers inside a fence.
And though candles
May flicker for me,
My name is nobody
At least until
I expire...
On a corner,
In a driver's or
Passenger's seat...
In a dead-end
Alley, in a
Dance club,
On a forgotten street,
Or inside some jail cell
In America.
copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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