This Dollar



A dollar transfer through various lives..

This dollar,

Touched the butt of a stripper,

From the hands of a drunken man,

Who couldn’t,

Hold his liquor,


Who fantasize about this woman,

Not his wife,

Who dreams ridiculously?

His mind chases………and give life,


We rewind the dollar to a more promising time,

To the moment in time,

The single mother used the dollar,

For the local grocery line,

To provide food for her children’s plate,

The one time in a long time,

Their young bellies,

Rest silently in near bedtime,


The dollar also went to church,

The tithes and offering,

The lost woman gave all of their monetary worth,

To the church,


The dollar is like us,

We all go through different phases,

Did you know the stripper was the man’s pastor,

And the pastor was the single mother,

And the lost woman was the pastor,


Plaster this all over a storyline,

People would see it as madness,

The pastor couldn’t be a stripper,

And the single mother can’t be a pastor,

But we live in a world today,

Where life gives you new experiences to capture


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