certainly unpleasant,
crammed in next to each other in odd poses
so much closer than comfort allowed,
holding the stirrups, looking around
then casting eyes down,
mumbling apologies
when forces of motion,
sway, start and stop
cause bodies to collide...
 in the daily throes on a commuter train home

His eye caught hers . . .

or her eyes, caught his . . .

a moment — an exchange.

He, four seats back and seven passengers deep huddled tightly in the aisle gripping onto a rail with one hand tippity-tap-tap texting on a smart phone with the other, spies her delicate face.


Electricity arcs in their glance

like sparks on the rails

igniting the stale air

laden with heat

and human aromas

with something fresh . . .

and she smiles

then dodges,

looking down at her hands

holding an umbrella


She regrets instantly

she diverted her eyes.


He was Adonis,

she was Aphrodite

in a fragment of time

captured in the glance,

he held her

and they danced,

drank wine,

made love

and made peace . . .

with their souls

and the universe

in radiant,




A sea of empty faces

rolling in the fog

of affected social conformity

his face had found her

it was handsome 

and glowed

and lived.


In just one glance

his eyes 

had gently kissed

her breath away

and departed

her composure.


The commotion,

a cacophony of mulling passengers

competing at entrance

surging for exit

some getting on

some getting off,

all herding toward

the sliding doors

wrenched her from

the sweet swoon

and she started

dazed from the dream.


The handsome stranger

now gone,

whisking up

to street level

as she turned

resigned to flirtatiously

return his smile

and the doors

slid closed.


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