Tell it ear-to-ear (bolo cane-cane) By Kazi Nazrul Islam



This is a translation of a poem/song by famous Bengali poet of 20th century, Kazi Nazrul Islam. This is my first attempt at translating one of the works of this great poet/novelist/song writer.

Tell it in halves
Coyness has tangled thy words
Tell it ear-to-ear.

Those words that
Set the mind on a swing;
Mid way through the night
Tell it ear-to-ear.

Those words' bud, dearest,
have not yet blossomed today
Yet causes diffident mind to sway,
Those words that are covered;
by shawl to the chest,
Tell it ear-to-ear.

Those words that are concealed in bashful eyes;
Without saying such, people realise
Words that are cradled in the bosom,
Tell it ear-to-ear.

Those words, you want to state
With dignity and composure
But can only be expressed by the body; 
In moments of exposure
Revealing these words dear;
puts dimple on the cheek,
Tell it ear-to-ear.














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