A Love That Binds



I'm not sure my girlfriend likes all my romantic poetry so I thought I write something a little more fun and not about her.

A Love That Binds

Our hands reach across, time and space.
Holding each other, a loving embrace.
Side by side united, our destiny.
Two into one, endlessly.

We are as one, interlinked, entwined.
Our thoughts one thought, a single mind.
Always together and thinking the same.
Closely combined, a team in life’s game.

Our candles burn brightly, then melt into one.
Just you and me, when all others have gone.
A unison chorus, voices in harmony.
Two souls become sole, perfectly.

Indivisible, coalesced, forever remain.
Hand in hand, joined and welded, like a chain.
Interlocked, interwoven, link to link.
We should be together, well that’s what I think.

… and that’s why I’ve superglued our hands together.


Johnny 2016

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