Words Are My Appetite



Words are my appetite

Built up on hunger pains

My favourite dish

Words are my satellite

Highlight of my life

Words are my marker 

The point in the word makes it sharper 

Not the ink in the pen or the point of the parker 

I am attracted to writing 

Words are my type

I see a lot through words insight 

Writing to me 

Is royal  v.I.p

Words only get the invite 

Let me change that to 


Very important words 

Let me get that right 

Seems like an obsessive draft 

I have to re write

Words are my breath 

Come from the heart in my chest 

With honour

When I stop breathing 

My words won't be dead

I need to leave behind my voice in your head

Even when I am gone my words will never be forgotten 


Poetry Written By Tammy Jeffers Wells


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