This is a poem about how it feels to be bullied and the extremes that some people will go to.

He sat in class, never made a sound
Taunts and teases would come abound
He looked around at all the eyes
Of all the students telling lies

No one knew this boy at all
But they all whispered in the hall
The laughs and jeers, they would fly
Until they made this poor boy cry

He laid in bed one dreary night
And thought he would just pick a fight
He'd choose the toughest boy in class
And vowed one day to kick his ass

"My dear son", his mom would say
"This is just not your way"
"But mom", he said with a smile
I've thought of this for quite a while

"I just can't take the taunts and jokes
You really do not know these folks"
"If I do not deal with it,
I'm afraid I'll lose my shit"

"Oh, dear wife", his dad chimed in
"What they're doing is a sin"
"As a child, I was picked on too.
Let him do what he has to do"

"But..." "No buts" his dad did whine
"Our son must show he has a spine"
Pray upon the holy cross
And you will show them who is boss

Then the day had finally come
The taunts today will be welcome
And just as he would expect
The students swarmed him like insects

They thought they were just having fun
Until he did reveal a gun
The students looked at him in shock
As he gripped that gun like a rock

The students all turned to run
But not before he fired that gun
And unexpected, the round it hit
A kid who did behind him sit

Now he spends his time in jail
Without parole and without bail
Just a few more years to dwell
In this filthy, rotten hell

He wished he did not go to jail
To him, the students did prevail
But when he gets out on his feet
Revenge is going to be so sweet.

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