/ life


Life is a strange affair

A maelstrom of emotions

A cacophony of wonders

We battle against oppression

And take pills for depression

We laugh at levity

Pine for longevity

At times, we think of our purpose

Seek solace in fantasy

Praying that death is merely an illusion

We know how to love

We know how to hate

Gaze at the stars above

To tell us our fate

Our children become our life

And they become the future

Holding the cards

The world's destiny in their hands

But life is so short

A few steady heartbeats

As decrepitude sets in

You take stock of your life

Reading your past like a complex book

Snippets of history fluttering by



Every emotion known to man

You ask yourself a few questions

Have I lived as a decent human being?

Have I done the right things?

Will my mistakes be forgiven?

What lies beyond?

As I say goodbye

And enter the abyss

The Great Veil

We dread the unknown

Of what will be

You shouldn't fret

Eternal sleep is painless

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