Don't Be an Office Nester



Poor bathroom stall etiquette causing office strain

We entertain sinister thoughts, but few have the gall,

To vandalize the tranquil scene of the bathroom stall,

Where quiet calms the nerves & wrestles out the bitter,

Solutions surface in reflections from the shitter,

But calm turns to rage, animosity festers,

When you enter the stall last used by a nester,

The nester fears direct contact with a toilet seat,

And builds a toilet paper nest so they can excrete,

Separation and comfort, those are his goals,

So he neatly layers ‘round the entire bowl,

Until at last he feels safe and he gently descends,

Comforted by the soft landing for his rear end,

When finished he departs with his nest still intact,

A TP battle took place and that stall was attacked,

And nothing adds strain to the already stressed,

Like bathroom emergency meeting secondhand nest,

It breeds contempt and resentment, tears teams apart,

If you nest, tidy up, if you don’t, do not start.

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