Despicable me-A summary



Literally a short, fun poem using Gru as the starting perspective :)

We will steal the moon, yes the moon,
Up in a rocket, we shall do this soon.
But Gru, how can we? We haven't the money,
The bank won't lend us any, this isn't funny.
That is true, ah then we shall not be stealing the moon,
We have no money, this plan is doomed. 
Eh bruu bruu, bee bee eee,
oo tee, bru bru papoi heehee.
Yes, you are right, we must sell, sell everything in sight,
We can buy all the parts, get this plan right. 
We will build our own rocket,
with money from our pockets,
Then fly to the moon. Take it,
but shrink it to fit,
I will be the best villain of them all,
My minions and me will watch the world fall.


Oh and Dr. Nefario too.
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