An encounter with a giant moth





“There’s a big, black blat in the room!”

My little brother Ken shrieked

His eyes were big,

his ears stood out,

his fingers were dancing with fear.



I am big brother Ben,

So, armed with a broom,

I entered the room,

to do battle with the blat.



“Big, Black Blat,” I called

“Come out! Come out!

Wherever you are!

You are scaring my brother, Ken."



“I am not a blat,”

A tiny voice replied.

“I am a moth

I am only a moth

A harmless moth

I am a giant noctuid moth.


My name is As-ca-la-pha odor-ata.

Some people call me 'Mah-Ha-Na,'

 or‘May I borrow your house?’

I mean you no harm

I only want to rest awhile

And your house is very nice.”



“Well, Mah-Ha-Na

My brother thinks you are a blat

And blats are very scary

So, if you please,

I would like you to leave

And stop scaring my brother, Ken.



Out through the window

that big, black blat  flew.

Brother Ken gave a sigh of relief.

His ears drew back,

He gave a weak smile,

The blat was flying away.


“Goodbye, Blat,” I shouted.

“Goodbye,Big, Black Blat!



Back came a voice

As it flew away,

“I am not a blat

I am a moth

I am a harmless moth

I am just a giant black witch moth.


I’m sorry I scared your brother, Ken

I only wanted to rest awhile


Your house is so nice

May I borrow it again?”







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