My Annual Review



The sobering effect of performance disconnect

You want me to sit here and not hold a grudge?

When my record's in question and you are the judge?

You share my review, one big misunderstanding,

You grade me ‘Proficient’ when it’s clear I’m ‘Outstanding’,

I’m smart, I solve problems, facts you cannot deny,

And what exactly does this rating mean: ‘NI’?

“Needs Improvement”?! So what if I’m a man with no frills,

I still have superior interpersonal skills,

Peers say I’m stubborn?  Too aggressive for some?

Well I think this assessment and process are dumb,

“Focus on team work, learn to collaborate”,

My teammates can’t help but they sure can frustrate,

‘Adequate Quality’?!  My work was a gem!

If QA missed defects then that is on them,

Fine, I will try to be more humble and subtle,

But I will first submit my lengthy rebuttal.

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