Everlasting Love On Two Plains


They sat upon their flower print love seat in contentment and warmth as the soft rays of the afternoon sun caressed their beings.


The warmth penetrating their souls and minds as they drift into an everlasting deep and gentle sleep.


Their minds conjuring a new reality that swept them from their dream state into the surrealism of becoming the light they so loved as every part of their bodies and souls dissolve into a centillion parts.


Their beings now in the particle stage of light ascend upward and outward steadily moving toward a brighter and more vivid golden light and in that moment they perceive they know longer are alone on this journey but that other particle's of light liken unto themselves yet separate in identity were traveling along the same path heading one and all toward the same light.


The light now before them growing brighter and brighter until all become light extinguishing all darkness, all shadow as the golden yellow now become cool, pure, brilliant, white.


Just as it seemed the light could not become any brighter they and all of the particles about them exploded into a centillion times the same times as a googleplex and were sent hurtling into every direction throughout all of space and time.


Their particles now numbering into the unfathomable and speeding toward everywhere at once as each now enter into everything in the universe thus becoming a part of all life everywhere simultaneously.


They now become the very light they so loved and adored


Their souls mingling with all souls everywhere joining with all life throughout universality.


Now become a part of God and all that God is and all that God shall ever be


Their life become eternal throughout all of space and time as they transcend into immortality and everlasting life.

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