14/5/16 Poem set

Going home


You can never go

To a place you have been.

Every time you return,

You are different.




She is my beginning,

and she is at my side

through many of my journeys.

She is my comfort

when no one else can be.

She makes my house a home,

and nurtures my sons into men.

She raised you

and your siblings.

She bore you

at great cost to her body.

She wiped your tears away

and loved you 

with her smile and gentle touch.

She listened when you shared your pain

and she warmed you

when you were cold.

She is your most loyal supporter

and someone you hate to disappoint.

She is loved

and she is feared.

She is worshipped

and she needs love.

She can do many things,

brilliant and mundane,

and they are better because

She did them.

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