/ ghost

This is just a 10minute freestyle piece of writing to stimulate the mind Written a few years ago by Tammy Wells

The ball was golden 

Her skin shimmered in speckles of dust 

Quitters leave

do not enter

Sounds of silence don't amuse me 

Her red hair glistened 

I feel a spark a shining light 

It shone down on me 

The crown was perfect 

Pretty flowers filled the space 

The airwaves were blocked 

She couldn't breathe 

There was rustling from outside

There was a dark figure 

Stood just like a statue 

I don't want to be near this fire pit anymore 

But I don't want to leave this place 

I call home this place is life 

Only my life it is moving by the seconds 

Now who's counting 

Its a million dollar sighting 

There is nowhere to go 

I can only follow the path that has been set for me 

Your indescribable

Quick the time is vital 

Critical condition 


Bright lights flashing 

Murder scene

Where am I going there is a tunnel of light 

I have to go forward no left no right 


Tales of the author encounter holy spirits 

Tales from the grave releasing the spirits

It amazes me 

How do I react there is a far cry 

The trees whisper making a howling sound 

Am I far 

My body's gone

Its left me 

I am all alone

My bones are rusty 

I can't move myself 

I've been dead for a while 

Wait traffic lights stop signs

What does this mean

Wait I'm waking up now 

Whew I am out of this dream 




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