When it's hard to say "I love you"



From the perspective of one that has been deeply hurt in her life, and sometimes finds it hard to say "I love you", even to those closest to her.

"I've seldom been the one to verbally express
the most important things of all.

It's hard for me to say the words "I love you".
When I try it's as though my tongue runs into a wall!

I do my best to show those closest to me
that they are my sun — my puffy white clouds — my beautiful blue sky!

They're the meaning for my entire life and existence!
It's because of them that my soul can spread its wings and fly!

They are every beautiful being and creature that I could possibly ask for!
They are the inspiration and hope that makes my days bright!

And before I turn out the lights, and doze off to sleep,
I pray for their safety to the Goddess, each and every night.

They are the bailing wire, chewing gum, and duct tape,
that keeps my crazy, jumbled self held together!

And if I were to release a genie from its bottle, and were granted a wish,
it would be that they'd be in my life forever and ever!

So, how can I tell them my innermost feelings?
How can I keep the words from running away in fear??

How do I open my heart's rusty, broken locks,
to allow my friends and loved ones to be near??

Perhaps I'll sit down and write a poem,
much like the one that I'm writing now...

And in it I'll spill my heart and soul out for all to see!
Yes! I shall resolve to do this! I shall make this my vow!

So to my friends that have stood by my side —
the ones that accept who I am without objection —

I can't ever see myself getting through life without you....
You give my life encouragement, laughs, and direction.

To my many loving siblings that have "adopted" me,
I couldn't possibly ask for any better of a clan of women or men!

You give me hope! You give me sanity! You bring me smiles!
You've even given me a kick in the ass when I've needed it now and again!

To those that have taken on a more "parental role" in my life,
I respect you more than you can possibly ever know!

It's because of you that my life feels more complete.
Your nourishing and loving ways help my spirit to flourish and grow!

And finally, to the woman of my dreams and fantasies...
whomever fate, and the Goddess decides that she may be...

I'll always love you unconditionally, just as you are....
I'll be as much a part of you, as you're a part of me.

Now I'll let you get back to your day, and to what you were doing...
I'm sure I've wasted enough of your time with this poetry and prose.

I'll just add one more thing to those mentioned above....
"I love you all more than life itself! Signed, Your Loving Victoria Rose"

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