Belated Apologies



ignorance/ apathy/ depression

Apologies are insignificant, belated and insulting

A sign of our great failings

Destined to turn our thoughts into mush

We can bow our heads; consume our guilt

But we are cursed eternally

Our unified ignorance, our open apathy

We call it a lack of understanding ... a pitiful excuse

We have no justification, no comeback at all

We can sit and digest, fathom out our mistakes

But shame, we know, is our true master

Shamed by our ignorance

Shamed by our lack of concern

Shamed by our inability to bestow compassion

Even as the warning signs manifested

For all to see

Yet our own priorities were paramount

How trivial they seem now

Our gluttonous ways

In it for ourselves

Your waning condition was shunned

Now ... it is too late

Suicide is such a tragedy

A waste of precious life

You were so young

Suffering in silence

If only we-

God, I'm hounded by guilt and shame!

Mental illness, the silent enemy

Dark depression dragging you down

Into the world of nothingness

We are all to blame

Shame tells us so

For what it's worth ...

I'm deeply sorry



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